Promoting a Better Understanding of the State of Israel

We provide students on college campuses and universities with the opportunity to support the position of Israel in the Middle East, and reassure students who opposed the demonization of the state of Israel on campus that they are not alone but a part of a larger, united movement.

Become Involved or Start a Chapter on Your Campus

From North to South, and from East to West, students are joining our movement to support Israel. Students Supporting Israel is now present on thirty campuses across North America.
Get involved with your campus’s chapter, or If you do not see your school name on our list, contact us to start a new chapter.

Grassroots Means Being Proactive on Campus

We believe in grassroots action, and want to empower students who support Israel to lead their fellow students and the campus community. Grassroots means being proactive, speaking to all students, and being visible on campus. We invite you to take a look at our student activists, become inspired, and join us!

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